tisdag 6 oktober 2009

The problem with Christianity - what is all the big hoopla about?

So The Father sacrificed his only Son on the cross. Hmmm, well what happened then?
Because then The Son comes back - alive again - three days later.
Am I the only one who does not see any sacrifice in this at all? ;-)
So your son had a bad time on a cross for a few hours with pain etc. But he survived! And forever too!!!
So what was the big hoopla all about?
Fairytales that refuse bad endings, well that's not the way the world works. And it makes for a dull and deceitful world too. It was Heidegger who pointe dout that it is PRECISELY our deathness - our knowing that we will die - that makes us enjoy life, otherwise we would all be vampires who could not die and hate the whole thing.
Life is change, that's the beauty of it. And it is this CHANGE that we are forever a part of. Not some eternal beyond that refuses change.
No wonder Zoroastrianism is the OPPOSITE of Christianity, just like Heraclitus was the opposite of Plato in ancient Greece etc. When Eva listened to The Snake - that was the BEST moment in history, not the worst.

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