måndag 12 oktober 2009

The Beautiful Ethical Principle of Freshokereti

And please note that the ethical goal of Zoroastrianism is not "amordad" (defiance of death) but "freshokereti" (the fullfilment of all life forms' full creative potential). It is a beautiful ethical principle!!!

2009/10/12 Bahman Noruziaan

Hello Zaneta,

Yes as you have noticed, we all, despite our differences of opinion here and there, have the words of Zarthauhtra as the source of our understanding and views towards the world. As such, despite all discussions and at times even arguments, when we work collectively, we see our mission in life (if you like) as to make a better world, where all beings can reach their full potentials, and that is the essense of Mazayasna, to work and move towards "Freshokereti".


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