onsdag 14 oktober 2009

The Beautiful Ethical Principle of Freshokereti

Very well written, Bahman! I could not agree more.
Freshokereti is the metaphysical horizon against which we value everything and set our priorities in life. As such, it is not some event brought to us by some father figure outsider, but much more the potentiality of our best thoughts, words, actions.

2009/10/14 Bahman Noruziaan

Hello Dino,

Before I explain my understanding, let me set the stage.

Today, at work, my colleagues and I received an email informing that one of our dear colleagues passed away on Saturday, after a few months of battle with cancer. We knew of his disease and we were expecting his passing. He has survived with his young daughter and wife as well as his elderly dad, one brother and tow sisters. He was a very hardworking man, someone who had done a lot of contributions to our college and our department. He was and could still be a great member of our team and the society. This was certainly a loss for the college, our department and the society, let alone for his own family. I can only barely imagine the physical and emotional pain that he went through and the emotional pain that his young daughter and wife and his dad and his siblings are going through!

As a Zoroastrian, I see this as pure evil! There is nothing good in this. I see this as another act of Ahriman, but hold on, not the Bundahishn view of Ahriman.

I do not see this as the mysterious ways God works, or his testing of my colleague and his family, neither I see this perfectly fine and Good, or else we need to redefine human psychology altogether!

My Ahura Mazda does not want to see suffering of the people and other living and even non-living creations. The world or the Gaiti that originated/originates from his/her/its light however, is a mixture of life and non-life (the poetic way Gathas have put it in words). Gaiti, which came into being at the dawn of creation out of the interaction of two entities (Spirits, Mainyoos), is a world of interaction of the two. This interaction in our words and thoughts and deeds are reflected as better and worst, or in our words Good and Evil (Ahriman, why not!), or whatever you like to call them.

Then what is the responsibility of Ahura Mazda in this mess? First, I do not believe that Ahura Mazda is to be held responsible. But if you like to hold him/it/her responsible feel free, with no avail! I, at times yell at Ahura Mazda for such a messy world that has come about!

But then, I know that, this is the nature of the things. It is like that whether I like it or not. There has always been death and destruction, betrayal and sorrow, disease and frustration, together with birth and rejuvenation, happiness and creation.

I however, believe in what has been promised in the Gathas, that eventually the world, with the efforts of all men and women will get rid of all this nonsense, it will become Evil free if you like. This eventual triumph of Good over Evil or Ahriman in later Avesta is the Farshogard, of the Gathic Freshokereti.

One must mention that some have interpreted the Gathic Freshokereti, a continuous state of rejuvenation and refreshing of the world and not a one time event! That is fine with me! The eventual Freshokereti hoowever, in my belief will come about as we, the humans overcome all the imperfections or the Evil or the Ahriman in the world. Ahura Mazda has given us the power and strength, wisdom and creativity to bring about that state of pure Goodness.


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