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Cosmology - something coming from something

And vacuum is not "nothing". Vacuum is full of energy, only a more "balanced" version than within "materia" and both space and time have to be included within the concept of "materia". The Universe seems more "monistic" than we could ever have imagined, now when we have finally realised that our "intuition" really says nothing about the nature of The Universe at all, we have to look beyond "intuition" and become more creative. This is why The Universe is not bound to time (and therefore neither temporary nor eternal), since Time is only bound to one sepcific universe at a time (and then still within that universe, relative).
And before the big bang, there was not necessarily a contraction (the big crunch), far more likely is that the current known universe is just one of many universes, possibly created out of big plates (membranes) crashing into each other, or black holes imploding. Then expanding forever. ;-)
It's actually all very very exciting. Finding a Higgs' boson particle at CERN in Switzerland would be most helpful if understanding the new physics. String theory works with eleven dimensions, loop quantum theiry seems to be possible with only four dimensions. The physics community seems to be almost evenly divided which is the most constructive way forward. Personally, my vote is for loop quantum theory or some genial combination of the two, still not imagined by anybody.
I therefore agree that CERN should be declared a temple of Zoroastrianism!!!

2009/10/3 Judy Weismonger

Hello....the new cosmological theory is that energy has always been present. This "energy" became so compressed as to be about the size of a baseball or smaller and included all the energy in the known universe. Finally, the heat and pressure became so great that it reached the maximum level of pressure, and exploded...resulting in what is known now as the 'big bang."

I believe the idea that the universe erupted out of "nothing" was put to bed about 1985...although its taken longer for others to be aware of the new concept. Based on the laws of thermodynamics, this makes sense. However, there are many others who hang onto the Big Bang theory...and give their reasons (see below).

Here are some other sources one may like to read just for fun on the subject. You decide. Furthermore, this is another reason why I believe there is a cosmic mind, the Ahura Mazda that is the progenitor of this process of energy change and who is eternal and in a state of "evolution" of which the human mind...is an expression.

A future problem will become...what happens when either human beings become genetically modified to become cyborgs, or like the movie, the Terminator...Robots become superior in every way to the human mind? What then?

The SyFy series, "Battlestar Gallactica" also made this point, and surmised, that robots will then have the ability to become individuated to the point that they begin to argue and war among themselves....just like us. But, will they?

What religion would advanced robots, or enhanced human beings wish to follow...and for what reasons? Hoyle, the physicist who believed that a god engineered the carbon molecule to create human beings, and "Panspermia" was also a science fiction writter....

Life and Zoroastrianism is getting interesting....

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8 min - Mar 3, 2009 -

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

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From: Bahman Noruziaan
Subject: [Ushta] Cosmology and so on
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Cosmologists so far and based on the current state of knowledge say that the universe came into existence out of nothing. The big bang as the start of the time and space as we know happened out of nothing. Just like that, out of nothing, all of a sudden? Am I right or perhaps new evidence has opened another doorway to the understanding of existence?
I was wondering then, for the last 15 billion years of existence, why no other big bang happened to bring about another universe within this universe (if it survives) out of nothing? Why not? 15 billion years a long stretch of time.


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