söndag 11 oktober 2009

The divinity of thinking

This is not only what Mazdayasna tells you, this is what Mazdayasna IS!!!
Imagine that somebody decides that what the world needs is not religion but proper philosophy, so the person in question decides to make Philosophy the new Religion.
Well, this is precisely what Zarathushtra did with The Gathas. He turned Thinking into the Divine Activity par excellence, INSTEAD of obedience. Contemplation instead of Begging as the force of prayer.
Mazdayasna means "the love of thinking", islam means "obedience", sometimes a name says it all...

2009/10/11 Weismonger

Brilliant Parviz-I want a religion that tells me it is a participation in the divine to think. There is nothing divine in mechanistic ritual or faith

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