lördag 10 oktober 2009

Mehregan in Tajikistan Part 2

Please note though that Tajiks are Sunni Muslim (like the Pushtuns in Afghanistan) and not Shia Muslims like Iranians, so the religious events in Iran have little or no influence on Tajikistan. Tajiks are also known as rather moderate Muslims, vehemently opposed to the Taliban in Afghanistan and with possibly the world's largest Ismaili population (the UIsmailis being the Muslims closest to and most friendly towards Zoroastrians) which can explain its flirtation with its Zoroastrian past. The Muslim "backlash" has rather already happened in Tajikistan, which it did in the 1990s, the country has since become less rather than more Muslim-fundamentalist. The focus is now very much on peaceful prosperity and less dependence on Afghanistan (the lucrative but illegal opium trade) for its survival. Tajikistan remains extremely poor even if people are litterate etc since Soviet days.

2009/10/10 Rory

Unfortunately alongside this progress will no doubt be a backlash against it by Muslim bigots. There will be a bust-up at some stage.
The President, Emomalii Rahmon, has in the past made comments to the effect that Zoroastrianism is the only belief system that can defeat Fundamentlist Islam. I think there is wisdom in these words because whilst other religions will get into a martyrdom or other such pi**ing contest with the fundamentalists and the secular ideologies will never be as capable of providing a substitute for the "spiritual ideals", Zoroastrianism is unique in its grounding in fact and appeal to reason as opposed to faith.


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