torsdag 15 oktober 2009

Allah or Ahura? Part 2

My point is that classic montheistic religion is first claiming that God is infinitely great, which is actually a perfecly acceptable statement. The Universe is after all immensely big and complex and impossible to fathom. And regardless of whether God and The Universe are identical or not, this means a divinity of any sort of relevance must also be of immense greatness.
But then comes the SECOND move which turns this insight into classic montheism: DESPITE the greatness of God, somebody, some little prophet or big-headed founder of a religion, claims to have GRASPED this infinite being and written a book where the mind of this infinite being was caught and presented.
And THIS is where classic monotheism always fails and becomes pathetic over time. The results are crappy books like The Bible and the Qoran. But what good are they to us today?
Zarathushtra's greatness was to realise that such a move would amount to both idiocy and hypocrisy. So what did he do? He kept God infinite (Ahura)! And then added a second dimension, OUR human dimension, what makes us as humans special, our minds. He made minds (as a collective) into something sacred and this is the Mazda part of Mazdayasna, that which defines us from all the other "monotheistic religions". Mazda is what we proudly MANIFEST, as part of Ahura Mazda.
This is why WE ask the other religions: Why did you not STAY with God's greatness? Why did you betray the only GOOD thing with monotheism? Because we stayed with it.


2009/10/16 Rory

Dear Alexander,

Excellent we're agreed! Play the ball, not the man as rugger players say! So can you please explain the following (in particular the uppercase "YOU" part)?
"In other words: We should ask the Muslims:
If God is sooo great, how come YOU have reduced God to an imbecille little narcissistic boy from the western tip of the Arab Peninsula?
What is wrong is not the concept of Allah as infinitely great. What is wrong is the following REDUCTION of God into an imbecille little narcissistic boy from the western tip of the Arab Peninsula who WE MUST OBEY".


--- In, Alexander Bard wrote:
> Dear Rory
> To regard an opinion as an idiocy is not to belittle the holder of such a
> belief.
> A PERSON is one thing, an OPINION is quite another.
> You can perfectly well hold another human being as immensely valuable while
> totally disregarding that person's specific opinion.
> Or what is the option? To become hypocritical and pretend to take an idiotic
> opinion seriously when in reality you do not?
> I hold all human beings as radically equal.
> I certainly do not hold all human opinions as equally valid. Big difference.
> And we should be able to be openhearted and honest to each other on Ushta,
> don't you agree?
> There are far more intelligent and interesting ways to view the world than
> Catholicism and Islam. And that is my honest opinion which I see no reason
> to go hypocritical about.
> Ushta
> Alexander
> 2009/10/15 Rory

> >
> >
> > Dear Alexander,
> >
> > You are preaching to the converted! We all agree that Islam is not truth!
> > However, please don't underestimate Muslims, Catholics, Jews, Buddists or
> > anyone else. It is not as simplistic (at least to them) as you put it. Maybe
> > I am wrong but I believe it is better to approach the subject of other
> > religions both with caution and respect for the individuals and meet them on
> > an even playing field. We should have the confidence and assurance of the
> > wisdom of our religion behind us NOT to have to belittle them or make
> > parodies of their beliefs. It is enough to expose the errors.
> >
> > Ushta,
> > Rory
> >
> >
> > --- In , Alexander Bard

> > wrote:
> > >
> > > Dear Parviz and Rory
> > >
> > > I will be happy to surrender to Allah Akbar, as long as he is not
> > presented
> > > by a small bigot called Muhammed.
> > > There is nothing wrong with "There is only one god and that god is
> > Allah",
> > > that line is actually just a tautology and no different than "There is
> > only
> > > one world and that world is The World".
> > > The problem with Islam is instead the silly second phrase: "And his
> > prophet
> > > is Muhammed".
> > > To which we should respond to the one billion or so Muslims: REALLY??? On
> > > What Grounds???
> > > Because THAT is where Islam flops. Always did.
> > > Our response is: There is only one god and that god is Allah, and he HAS
> > SIX
> > > BILLION PROPHETS. Now, learn to live with that, because that is the
> > truth!
> > > Or rather: There is one god and one god only and that god is Ahura and
> > Ahura
> > > has six billion or so manifestiations which together form Mazda. TOGETHER
> > > they make Ahura Mazda.
> > >
> > > Ushta
> > > Alexander

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