lördag 10 oktober 2009

Mehregan official holiday in in Tajikistan!

This is VERY interesting!!!
It means that Tajikistan is picking up more and more Zoroastrian traditions and encourage them as official events.
Tajikistan is still one of the poorest nations in the world but the fact that it is embracing so many Zoroastrian ideas is very encouraging. Please observe that there is also a substantial Tajik minority in Afghanistan to its south and Uzbekistan to its west. Tajiks in neighboring countries are much inclined to pick up ideas and habits that are popular in Tajikistan proper.

2009/10/9 Bahman Noruziaan

According to Berasad at http://www.berasad.com/fa/content/view/2620/50/,
the Government of Tajikistan has declared Mehregan Celebration the official national celebration of Tajikistan.
According to the article MehregAn was celebrated with shows and theatres, sports, music and other entertainments.
Tajikistan is the only country that has declared MehregAn an official festival of the nation.


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