lördag 13 april 2013

The relationship between Syntheism and Zoroastrianism - a clarification!

This is nonsense, Feraydoon! Here is evidence that the Syntheists very much link themselves to Zarathushtra and regard Zarathushtra as the first Syntheist ever: http://syntheism.org/index.php/2013/03/god-as-community-and-process/ Please read this before you make more prejudiced statements, OK? The point with Syntheism and its foundation in Zarathushtra is of course that Zoroastrians do NOT take Zarathushtra and his teachings seriously but have rather made a mess out of their once beautiful religion by importing loads of inferior Islamic, Hindu, and Christian ideas into Zoroastrianism which should never have been there in the first place. And Zoroastrianism as a whole is stuck in endless, meaningsless, tiring debates on whether to allow converts or not, and the causes of Iranian nationalism (as if Iran was a superior nation and the only nation of interest on the planet). A lot of people are tired of this nonsense and have therefore moved on to Syntheism where they can take Zarathushtra and his universal message seriously. With exception of the wonderful Zoroastrian congregations in Northern Europe, I would say this is a general trend. The question you should ask is not why people like me engage in Syntheism but rather why people born into the Zoroastrian faith have so little interest in their own religion and still remain so hostile to converts. That is where the problems have been all along. Syntheism is already growing at a rapid pace. Syntheists apparently have no problem at all spreading their message. It is Zoroastrians who should learn from Syntheists, not the other way round. Ushta Alexander 2013/4/13 Feraydoon Bahrassa Dear Alexander Neither Zarathushtra's Religion,Nor His Philosophy have been linked to Syntheism as far as know . I think many people want to know and might like Syntheism but trying to create another branch( of beliefs) in zoroastrianism might not be a smooth sailing for you. I recommend to you and your co-Authors to keep the Syntheism out of MadaYasny Zarathushty Religion. Zarathushtra has thought us how to ask a question,think and find the best answer for that question as he himself did. As Parviz has mentioned your Package labled as Zoroastrianism but containing the Products of Atheism,Syntheism,Taoism,Jainism,Buddhism,etc. and naming Ushta for your internet correspondence is not appropriate. Feraydoon -----Original Message----- From: Alexander Bard To: Ushta Sent: Fri, Apr 12, 2013 2:02 am Subject: Re: [Ushta] Evolution and God's properties And Parvizism thinks it has replaced Zoroastrianism, or what? Who cares? Stop these bitter personal attacks on me, Parviz, we are all fed up with your bitterness now! Get yourself a happy life instead, regardless of which new religion or new religious spelling you claim to have invented. I hang out with the Zoroastrians and Syntheists in Scandinavia. They get things done, they grow, they are happy, and they love to collaborate. None of which qualities you seem to be able to muster one tiny bit. However, I must admit I frankly could not care less. Ushta Alexander 2013/4/11 Parviz Varjavand Dear Alex, And Bahaism thinks that it has replaced Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Has it? Why do Jews not become Bahais and still observe the Sabbath? I think you are suffering from "True Believerism" and think that you have found the answer to all of humanities problem in your new cult. There is a beauty in Historical Religions that a "Johnny come Lately" can never posses. Ushta Parviz From: Alexander Bard To: Ushta@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wed, April 10, 2013 8:20:52 PM Subject: Re: [Ushta] Evolution and God's properties Dear Parviz Syntheism is your brand of Zoroastrianism. Or Arthur's amazing old favorite Spinozism. Same child, many names. But Syntheism is a better name, a different name from the Jafareyian and Parsi-isolationist varieties, so that the three of them never have to be confused with each other again. http://syntheism.org/index.php/2013/03/god-as-community-and-process/ Ushta Alexander 2013/4/10 Parviz Varjavand Dear Arthur, It is so nice to hear from you. I like the points you have made, but allow me to add my two cents worth. To be successful in selling any product, you need to take care of three parts: 1- The contents of the package and what you are actually selling. 2- The packaging. 3- Advertisement and marketing of the package. In selling Zoroastrianism, the first step is what we were working on when we started Ushta. We did not want a Z. that was Vandidad based like those of Parsi's of the Dastoor Kotwal brand and we did not want a Z. like that of Ali Jafarey. We had to do work to put the A.B.C. of what we wanted to say together and ANCHOR IT SCHOLASTICALLY WELL with the ancient texts and rituals of Mazdayasna. Only then I would consider the product worth packaging and marketing. Some persons who love to call me lazy or a fake had no patience with this. They just pushed a package having a Z. brand on it and when you opened it, it was all about something else; "go read Spinoza, go study Thomism, go become a Syntheist, etc. etc.". They are right, the packaging is there, the advertisement is there also, and many persons are buying it too. But the product inside the packaging will eventually disappoint the buyers because it is not rich and wholesome, it is a eclectic mix of many ingredients put together in a hurry for a fast sale. They are right, I am too lazy to start pushing for the sale of such a product. The story of Syntheism is something else and I wish nothing but luck for those working on the contents, packaging, and sale of Syntheism. I am sorry however that now Ushta has become a shop for selling Syntheism instead of our brand of Zoroastrianism. Ushta te, Parviz Varjavand