onsdag 14 oktober 2009


As for the wonderful and most interesting concept of megatheism:
In Lacanian psychoanalysis The Subject is precisely that which is undescribable.
That means that whatever is "me" and "you" in us is always something that transcendens all descriptions, all obsession with detail. It is always that which is "left" after all descriptions that is the true "me" and "you".
Just like the "love" in a love relationship is always that which can NOT be described. This is why when we truly love somebody, we can not say WHY we love, only state that we do.
I believe this is an important point: It is not only that The Universe (and whatever force is behind the fact that there is a universe to begin with) is so overwhelmingly enormous in size and scope that it can never be encompassed. It is also the other way round: The concept of God as our ultimate horizon of existence is so vast in itself that it transcends all description. This certainly speaks LOGICALLY in favor of the concept of megatheism even beyond what we know from modern science etc.

2009/10/14 Arthur Pearlstein

Thanks indeed for your kind words. I am very much here, even though I do not post so often (I did post just a few weeks ago). In the past year, I have been lurking and taking in a lot and learning a considerable amount from a number of people such as you and Alexander as always but also from some of the newer members of the list. Most of the time, I have felt that I do not have much to add but I will do anything I can for "Project Mazdayasna."

Meanwhile, I have become more and more convinced of what I have called "megatheism": the idea that "God" is so massive and endlessly complex that to describe it in qualitative human terms ("merciful" "compassionate" etc) is, in effect, sacreligious. http://www.megatheism.com/

But I will try to contribute more--please feel free to ask me to weigh in on any particular issue on which you think I might have something valuable to say.

Warmest regards and mucha ushta,


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