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Zoroastrianism as the opposite of Abrahamic religion

It's not even a FALL story, Parviz, it is a story of SEPARATION.
Originally this is when the mother and the child are physically separated at birth. The cutting of the chord.
But where Abrahamism makes this cutting the FAULT OF THE CHILD (original sin) we should proudly state that Zarathushtra said that the cutting of the chord instead is the very ORIGIN OF LIBERTY and EXISTENCE (Haurvatat)!
Zoroastrianism is therefore fundamentally the OPPOSITE of Abrahamism, as Spinoza and Nietzsche wanted. Interestingly also the opposite of Buddhism!
In other words: If we had believed in the Garden of Eden we would have been HAPPY for Eve to eat the fruit. We are The Snake! And to Buddha we say: If the world is full of suffering, why don't you just take prozac and get over it? Not that there isn't suffering but it is not PRIMARY; it is always CAUSED rather than unavoidable. Primary is just Existence itself, Mazda!
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2011/7/12 Parviz Varjavand

Dino and Daniel,

Many Zoroastrians believe in a perfect Ahoora Mazda as the first cause and existing in a state that we are to reach eventually. This is the core story of the FALL and the original sin is just an addendum to the FALL story.

If you do not want to be FALLEN creatures, you can not place a perfect creator at the beginning of it all.


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Daniel is right!!!
There is no original sin in Zoroastrianism, thus there is no need for salvation.
Western societies should get rid of their collective obsession with self-actualisation.


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Dear Parviz,

I need no salvation - if it's somthing I need then it's exactly this! That I have nothing to be saved from - and that I am sublime as I am.

Indeed so are you aswell! This insight are not an insight under to rules of reason - instead an emotional one.

When Zarathustra in the Gathas talk about Khashatra - to my mind he talk about this exactly. And I can't do anything more then to agree with him full hearted with astonishment!

Our mission is to kill the neurotic neurons (those who enable us to be emotional instable) within us!!


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Kenneth Lloyd Anderson sa...

I have enjoyed your original and courageous thinking. My thinking has taken me in a somewhat different direction, which I will, at least somewhat, include here for your interest.

A central challenge and mission of Evolutionary Catholicism (EC) is to synthesize the Inward Path with the Outward Path. As the Inward Path seeks the Soul Within, the Inward Path goes against the natural, outward tendencies of nature. The Outward Path of evolution to Godhood moves away from the Involutionary Inward Path.

These paths are united in the Twofold Path,  and in the Ordered Evolution and Revitalized Conservatism of EC. EC affirms and fulfills the Inward Path with the Outward Path.  The Father seen and felt in the Soul Within of the Inward Path is a  symbol of the Godhood reached in material and supermaterial evolution in the Outward Path.

"I Am” is in the Soul and is the Father Within, “I Will Become” is in the Spirit-Will activating life to evolve to Godhood.  The “I Will Become” of the Outward Path is not the “I Am” of the Inward Path. But they are united in the Twofold Path of Evolutionary Catholicism.

EC is renewing the symbols and metaphors of religion. A new religious order is developing, but it is built upon the old order. It may be one of the more volatile things said on this blog, but the Beast of the Outward Path can be civilized at last with the Father of the Inward Path, ending the Great Mystic War.

K. L. Anderson