fredag 22 juli 2011

Nomadism vs Absolutism

And there is a lot of evidence that the situation was similar in China and India. It is Taoism which predates Confucianism and not the other way round. Just as Brahmanism is older than Hinduism. As Gilles Deleuze has pointed out: Process philosophy is natural for nomads. It was only with the introduction of feudal ownership of agriculture and permanent settlements that static models were required and popularized. Modern technology is reintroducing us to nomadism again, we are becoming technological primitivists, as Brian Eno has pointed out. Time to rediscover nomad thought then!

2011/7/22 Special Kain

I think there was process philosophy only before the Greeks got obsessed with static models. I guess Plato was deeply frustrated with Athenian society. His philosophy was a neurotic expression of his very own escapism!
It took such travellers as early American settlers, Spinoza and Nietzsche to reintroduce process philosophy into western thought. ;-)

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