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What Zoroastrianism (Mazdayasna) is and is not

Dear Parviz

You want a sect with a book of rigid rules lead by a pope.
I want a word for a wonderful community I belong to who already live a life I want to live. That word is Mazdayasna and since Mazdayasna was originated by a guy called Zarathushtra I can live with the fact that most people refer to this movement as Zoroastrianism.
The fact that people disagree on details within Mazdayasna is a STRENGTH and not a weakness. The totalitarian set of rules you are looking for was precisely what Zarathushtra was opposed to and why I joined his teachings and followers in the first place.


2011/7/15 Parviz Varjavand

Dear Dino,

What is your definition of a Zoroastrian and Zoroastrianism?
To many, it should be the name of a religion that has some structure to it.
Where do I go to find that structure that many or a few agree upon?
I need a community of like minded persons so that I can feel I belong amongst sane adherents to the same religion. Where do I find this community and the ABC of what they agree upon?


From: Special Kain
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Subject: Re: [Ushta] Dialogue with Zoroastrains!!!

Dear Parviz,
There is nothing wrong with LSD. ;-)
Besides, I'm part of the Zoroastrian online community. I have made great friends in different parts of the world. And I have discussed Zoroastrian issues with people from all over the world - former colleagues who, like myself, used to work for one of Germany's largest independent agency networks.
But if there is anything I can do to support Zoroastrians in Iran or elsewhere, please let me know.


--- Alexander Bard schrieb am Fr, 15.7.2011:

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Datum: Freitag, 15. Juli, 2011 10:45 Uhr

Dear Parviz

You have no idea of what you're talking about.
There are people converting to Zoroastrianism in Europe all the time while you sit and puke your cynicism in your isolated glass tower.
You want a sect for yourself, we want a living thriving community. And we're getting what we WORK towards while you're not getting what you want. The fact that people aren't reporting their work to you as you wish is no excuse for you not getting the facts for yourself.


2011/7/15 Parviz Varjavand

While the dialog in Iran remains at its lowest common denominator, our friends in the West like Alex or Dino are flying so high that they sound more like persons on an LSD trip than any real force within a wholesome community. I know that I am acting crazier than anybody else around, but I feel it is more productive to act crazy in a systematic manner rather than to buy time by off the cuff cleverness that lead nowhere and in fact shatters any meaningful line of thought.

From: Alexander Bard
Sent: Fri, July 15, 2011 3:28:27 AM
Subject: Re: [Ushta] Dialogue with Zoroastrains!!!

It sounds like "Defamation and Prosecution of Zoroastrians".

If this is what the Iranian government or its cohorts are spending their time and money on, then this is no more a dialogue than any "Dialogue with the Jews" would have been in Nazi Germany in 1938.
What is the situation like for our dear Zoroastrian brothers and sisters in Iran today?

2011/7/14 Bahman Noruziaan
A new web site has come into existence from Iran. The title of the web site is "Dialogue with Zoroastrians"

The site invites participants in critical discussions about Zoroastrianism and Islam. The site claims that it will remove any comments that are insulting any of the two religions.

Te first article though bring up the issue of uncertainlty about the time of Zarathushtra with this title "belittling a big weakness". Basically saying it is a big weakness that the accurate time of Zarathushtra is not known and we the Zartoshis try to show it as not significant!!

The other article is called "One Hadith", a saying, in which the question of whether Zartoshtis are People of the Book or not is raised. In analyzing the saying of one of Shia Imams, the write concludes that : 1-In the time of Imam Zoroastrians did not have a book!!, 2-Their prophet was "Damasb" and they , Muslims can not say whether he was Zartosht or someone elase, 3-Their book was called "Jamasb", 4-Their book was very big, 5-Zoroastrians themselves killed their prophet and and burned their book.

In another article titled, "Two Hadiths about Zoroastrians" the writer brigns about the subjet of marraige with mothers and sister among Zartoshtis and claims that according to one of Shia Imams, such marriages were allowed among Zoroastrians. The writer conclues from the conversation between a Muslim man and the Imam that 1-No one should insult Zoroastrians, 2-At the time of Imam such marriages were common among Zartoshtis and as such those who want to bring historical !! evidence can refer to this saying, 3-Muslims need to respect Zoroastrains beliefs despite Muslims not accepting them as being the highets of immorality.

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