torsdag 21 juli 2011

The Case Against Objective Absolutes

I agree with you 100%.
What we DESIRE is to live to life to its fullest and most intense IN ITS VERY MOVEMENT.
This is the opposite of ideas of objective absolutes.
Dino has said exactly the same thing as well. I'm glad we could sort out the verbal confusion.

2011/7/21 Daniel Samani

Dear friends,

The title is confusing I now realize - my intent where to bring light to to connection between absolutism, perfectionsm, moralism and suffering. This I view as destructive idealism - my basic belief here is that constructive way of thinking bring about constructive belieafs. And as I argue that perfectionistic fetishes are indeed empty and destructive - it's child the absolutism is also destructive. This is the creaton that have reached my mind when I read other works of philosophy.



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