tisdag 26 juli 2011

Why the questions are more important than the answers

The Gathas is full of questions (mostly without answers) for a very good reason.
To Zarathushtra, life is a process, and the important thing is to CHOOSE THE RIGHT QUESTIONS and then answer those questions according to one's self-identity regardless of the opinions of others. Just like process philosophy from the pragmatists to Gilles Deleuze.
The Abrahamic religions (and Western philosophy before the pragmatists) instead assume that the questions are given (and then always refer to how you can serve and not question the current power structure) and focus on the right answers (which is why if you answer the question wrongly you go to hell). This is why Zoroastrianism is completely incompatible to Abrahamic faiths the same way that process philosophy is the opposite of Descartes. The neighbors of Mazdayasna in the world of religion are instead Brahmanism, Taoism and most of all Zen.

2011/7/26 Special Kain :
As a question-based philosophical religion, Zoroastrianism is radically different from all answer-based religions where you're supposed to keep your mouth shut and just act in accordance with the given answers.
We are encouraged to raise questions and seek the answers for ourselves - with the explicit aim of acquiring knowledge and a far-sighted perspective. This also explains why Zoroastrianism is an essentially egalitarian religion where all creatures within the biosphere are seen as equals.

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