onsdag 13 juli 2011

The Basics of all Religion: The Cutting of The Chord vs The Story of The Fall

Yes, it is the fall story.
But the cutting of the chord is THE DRIVING FORCE behind The Fall Story, it is the universal sense of "homelessness" which is the motor. You don't really need the fall story for that. For example, in Nazism there is no fall story, there is the cutting of the chord being blamed on an EXTERNAL force (in that case: The Jews). The same thing goes with the hatred of the west in the Middle East (always blaming America för eveything that goes wrong) and these days its opposite (Americans always blaming "terrorists" for everything, soon probably also the U.S. budget deficit).
What I'm talking about is to look beyond the Abrahamic religions and find the true course of what I would refer to as "The Popularity of The Druj". And it always refers back to The Cutting of The Chord.
Our answer is that life WITH The Chord equals Death (actually in a positive sense). When we die "we return to the one-all rather than the current one-as-separate during life". Because that is the way it is, that is the truth.

2011/7/13 Parviz Varjavand

Dear Alex,

SEPARATION of the IMPERFECT from a PERFECT that made it, is "THE FALL" story!
I say that Uhoora Muzda was as imperfect as everything else and IT and I where as united then and as imperfect then as we are now. We are both going towards a destiny that we hope is somekind of Perfection, but "WE DON'T KNOW THIS" (Purviz Vurjavand's Muzdaism 101). We do not know because we never had a platonic idea of the Ideal from whose perfect state we have fallen.

What you are trying to say may sound good for half a second to the armature ear, but it runs into a million muddy philosophical issues next. Besides, who died and made you the spokes person for Zoroastrianism? I can speak for Muzdaism because I am the inventor of Muzdaism. And it is Muzdaism from now on and not Mazdaism any more. I worship Uhoora Muzda from now on and not Ahoura Mazda as you do. Why? Because Uhoora Muzda told me to do so, so go perfume your lovely red beard some if you do not like it!

Mehr Ufzoon,
Purviz Vurjavund
P.S. Go to the site dubire dot com to see why I write Persian words as I do.

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