torsdag 21 juli 2011

Khashatra and Armaiti

Khashatra is the "desire achieved through progress or movement" or "desire achieved and fulfilled through action" or "fulfillment of desire through action", in other words, the fulfillment of the triad of good thoughts, good words, good acts. Armaiti is the "spirit of generosity" or "the desire to give and make others enjoy fulfillment and achieve desire". So what Zarathushtra is saying is literally that Ahura Mazda is becoming MANIFEST in the very fellow human beings who live within and achieve and desire Khashatra and Armaiti. As you can tell, I don't think neither self-dominance or serenity are very appropriate translations here. Way too Abrahamic translations according to me. ;-)

2011/7/21 Daniel Samani
Song 1 (Hat 28)

3 O Righteousness (Asha), O Good Thought (vohu manah),
I shall sing you songs that no one
has sung before.
then, I shall offer them to Mazda Ahura,
and to those who have attained the power of Self-Dominance (Khashatra),
and have crossed into the realm of Serenity (Armaiti).

This I interpet as one need the power of Kashatra to grasp Zarathustras message - according to him. I essentially in my last post put my view on how on attain it. And why perfectionsm is a lie (druj) - that in consequence bring about suffering.



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