onsdag 27 juli 2011

Free will and decision management

Excellently put!!!
This is a statement of literature, Dino! Spot on!
I much prefer the term "decision management" to the old dualist dilemma of "free will". It deals with what we actually do, not with whether there is a soul to begin with which can either do or not what we obviously do anyway.

2011/7/27 Special Kain

So freedom isn't simply there, it is something we provide ourselves with.
This learning process is two-folded: the freedom-from (we break free from restraints) and the freedom-towards (we co-create a larger number of choices).
Freedom of choice entails the ability to MANAGE AND ASSESS CHOICES much like we're requested to manage and assess information in our global internet environment. It is decision management that matters in this context.
In Zoroastrian and existentialist terms, we become the choices we make. This is perfectly in tune with Nietzschean ethics: self-enrichment and self-enlargement. Identities become works of art!
Since we're smarter than individualists, we already know that social identities and their social environment are part of the same feedback loop. This is why Zarathushtra was addressing persons (men and women) as well as communities! And this is why ethics is situational and not absolutistic, addressing the players involved and their interactions simultaneously.

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