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Haurvatat as being in balance with oneself as an eternally changing substance

I agree. The opposites perfection/imperfection make no sense. How can something that is in eternal change/movement/progress be termed as either perfect or imperfect? This is why translating Zarathustra's concept of "haurvatat" as "perfection" makes absolutely no sense. It should rather be translated as "in balance with itself, in its own constant progress eternally". Or as for example "asha" best of all not translated at all. English is too limited.
The translation of haurvatat as perfection is, again, an Abrahamic infiltration in Zarathushtra's unique thinking.

2011/7/14 Behnaz Larsen

Definition of living and dead requires that one knows which being/concept one is referring to. If you consider Mazda as wisdom, than you cannot put a limitation on it. Is it dead, alive , imperfect or unlimited? How do u imagine him, it? These are questions for an individual to answer to himself. Mazda exists in your heart and hopefully in your head and if u like to have it imperfect so it can remain alive and progress then so be it. However know that you have not believed in the unlimited, ultimate wisdom as might or might not exist. I chose to believe in an unlimited ripe wisdom because I am very tried of relying only on my own wisdom.

On Jul 14, 2011, at 10:00 AM, Special Kain wrote:
Dear Alexander and Parviz,

All things perfect have stoppped developing and are therefore static and dead. This isn't just some process philosopher's sophisticated thesis, this is an actual fact.
When I still was a small child and attending school, we had our parents talk about their jobs in class. My father said that in the business world stagnation equals death. So I was about 8 or 9 when I became a process philosopher. ;-)


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The terms perfection and imperfection mean nothing unless you SPECIFY what you mean.

"Haurvatat" for example has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with perfection. Haurvatat means "in constant progress" or "forever evolving" as opposed to that which has stabilized and stopped progressing (which Zaratushtra as process philosopher is always opposed to).
Mazda is whatever it is. Ascribing perfection or imperfection to Mazda is just childish to me. Itäs just a view. It doesn't alter or explain what Mazda is.

2011/7/13 Parviz Varjavand
You can not be a Monist if you have a PERFECT Mazda at the start.
Since my Muzda is as imperfect as I am when we start, my Muzdaism has no problem with Monism.
You have to choose, Is it Mazda for you or Muzda?

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