söndag 16 augusti 2009

Why people do good things

I think what Dino is trying to say is that "self-actualization" is not a Zoroastrian but a modern idea. Zoroastrianism is much more concerned with "self-production". There is no self involved here to actualize, there are only a series of selfs beung created by ourselves (and our environment) and this is what Zoroastrian ethics is concerned with. This is why we can't shop our way to an identity as Mazdayasni, we can only think, talk and act our way to an ever-changing identity. So while using Rory's terminology, the reason why Zoroastrian take to biodiversity so easily is because our ethics makes DIVERSITY IN ITSELF a good and desireable thing. Be many, not just one. Oh, and by the way, human beings can destroy the planet, we do have a responsibility for this. But Nature can potentially destroy nature too. Meteorites, volcanoes etc. Could be worth keepibg in mind even if it doesn't change our ethical imperative to protect and take care of the planet one bit.

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>>Now being true to ourselves is pure ethics.<<

OK. Since the idea is we recreate ourselves constantly, and since we do have this idea of being in the good mind, wouldn't some of this end up with people making a conscious effort to mold their behaviors in a manner that enables them to ne in the Good Mind more and more. Isn't this a form of the idea of self-actualization?

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