söndag 9 augusti 2009

Ideas and strategy against extremism

Dear Parviz

Good questions, here are my answers.

I believe that with this kind of "attitude of superiority" there will be no movement to speak of. You are just creating another extremism against the previous extremism, and what have you then gained? What we instead have to do is to recognise that Zoroastrianism is a 3,700-year-old religion which is OPEN to conversions but with many poles of power and interpretation and a desperate need for lots of tolerance involved. I will therefore act on behalf of all those who are pro-conversion - mobeds or not - and THEN take the philosophical dicussion with them on what constitutes Mazdayasna and what does not. And I will always do this with an open mind. The Mazdayasna we know is winning the cause anyway.

I'm tired of people promoting some kind of truth in the extreme at the price of just making themselves obsolete (regardless of which assumed truth). It is not true, it is not better, it is just extremist and deep down driven by a rather disgusting desire to feel superior to others. Well, I never did care for that. I feel all people are equal but that some IDEAS are superior to others. That includes that some STRATEGIES are superior to others. That is what I'm up to, Parviz, winning people over for the good cause, and I intend to also have you with me in this effort. Because with you I have got everything right: history, philosophy, religion, traditions, respect, integrity, knowledge. Just don't ever think that extremism on our part is any better than the extremism of others.

Ushta and brotherly love

2009/8/9 Parviz Varjavand

Dear Alex,

Jafarey converted you to Zoroastrianism and Moobed Jamshidi did your initiation of Sedre-Pooshi. Now you are congratulating different Moobeds for their actions. Moobeds when progressing a thousand times from where they are become thinkers like Jafarey or Dina or Ronald or Mehran Gheybi. Are you of the same religion as the persons I named? I do not think you are. So what are you doing hanging on to them as if you belong to their clan? I was born and raised in the Zoroastrian fold and I have washed my hands off of all Moobeds and those who hang on to their sacred Books. My relationship to them is only to be diplomatically correct with my roots. They have very little that is intellectually stimulating to offer me anymore.

The new Zoroastrian movement has to break free of the Moobed Clan. If they join us, fine, but we can not act as if we belong under their banner if we want to hold on to beliefs that we cherish. If they show that they want to belong under our banner, fine, but you are seriously mistaken if you feel that they will ever progress to the positions that are sacred to you and those who look up to you.

Ushta te,
Parviz Varjavand

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