fredag 7 augusti 2009

Mobeds Mirza and Madin in Mumbai as Heroes

Actually, in principle, THIS is the major theological move: Once you decide that children with only one Zoroastrian parent are allowed to CHOOSE Zoroastrianism (in other words: choose Zoroastrianism BEFORE the religion of the non-Zoroastrian parent), you have moved from a religion of ancestry to a religion of choice. And once you have accepted a religion of choice you have accepted that the religion is open for all to choose. This is precisely why I call Mirza and Madon heroes, because their practice is the long awaited opening towards the embrace of religion of choice among Parsees in India. And precisely why it is causing such enormous controversy.

2009/8/7 wagnerian1
Worthy of support and applause and all the rest, yes. Heroes, not enough evidence yet. The hero is the mobed willing to initiate the rest of us. But then that's easier to do in, say, the diaspora than in the middle of Mumbai. Nonetheless, I hope all of you "cradle" Zoroastrians tell them how happy you are, and that you also have some friends who would love to join you around the Fire too. A crack in the dam is welcome news.


--- In, Alexander Bard wrote:
> Mobeds Mirza and Madon are real heroes!!!
> Is there any way we can reach them and express our support from around the
> world?
> Ushta
> Alexander
> 2009/8/7 Zaneta Garratt

> > Publication: Mumbai Mirror ;
> >
> > Date: Aug 4, 2009;
> >
> > Zoroastrian priest banned by the apex community trust challenges its
> > decision; says he will not stop conducting rituals for mixed-marriage Parsis

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