tisdag 11 augusti 2009

Asha vs Druj in Mazdayasna

Dear Rory and Mehran

Mehran is absolutely right!!!
We need to make a difference between various beliefs originating in Central Asia and Mazdayasna here and to the Mazdayasni good and evil were really what we would term "constructive mentality" versus "destructive mentality". Other proper terms that catch what Zarathushtra means are "Civilization" versus "Chaos". So the Christian concepts of good and evil do not really apply. And there are no cosmological goods and evils.


2009/8/11 MoobedyAr Mehran Gheibi

Dear Rory
We have two aspects of ahriman: a- the ahriman that is a version of Satan b- the human being's ability of being harmful.
a- The a aspect is not a real Zoroastrian one. It is derived from mithraism, ZarvAnism, naturalism of ancint pre-Zartosht Iran. They are colored as Zoroastrian beliefs by moghAn of Medes, in hakhAmaneshiyAn (Achaemenian) era. This Zoroastrian-colored belief flourished in sAsAniyAn (Sassanid) era. Therefore I do not believe in a Satan like ahriman and have nothing to say, interpret, defend and so on.
b- The b aspect is taught in gAthA. ahoorA mazdA has created two types of spiritual abilities in human being: spentA minoo and angraheh minoo (=ahriman). Human being is free to choose one of them but ought to accept the result. In gAthA, ahriman is nothing but the ability of being bad, harmful and ...
If human being is not able of being good and bad, how could freedom be meaningful?

Nik-o shAd bAshid
KhodA negahdAr,
MoobedyAr MehrAn Gheibi.

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Dear Mobedyar (please let me know the polite way of addressing you according to your own norms),

Who invented Ahriman?



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