onsdag 26 augusti 2009

It's not what you teach - but how you teach it - that counts!

Dear Bahman

I don't believe Parviz is questioning the teaching of the Avesta but rather questioned how it is taught, which is a rather different issue. After all, the way to teach the Avesta in the Gathic style is not as a Word of God (as it is often done) but rather to train a critical reading mind first and then look at all and any texts second, including the Avesta or just the Gathas. We have or should at least have a different style of teaching our texts than say the Abrahamic religions because we have a different concept of what it means to be human and we hold the capacity to think critically (rather than the will to find and obey orders from a blind God) as sacred.


2009/8/27 Bahman Noruziaan

Hold on Parviz!

You write in a way as if teaching Avesta to our young Zartoshti children is a sin or a big crime!
I was taught Avesta from my very childhood at Sazeman-e Fravahar in Tehran, for which I am very grateful!
I was taught about the basics of Zoroastrain tradition, such as belief in various parts of a man's existense, including Soul, and Body and Tan-e pasin, etc.
Those teachings togther with my learning of the Gathas of Ashoo Zarathushtra have enriched my view of life.
I have developed and am developing my own view of life and exsitance from all such teachings and other knowledge that I have gathered.
And I certainly am not a Div-yasna.
So, hold on your horses, Parviz please!


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Dear Mr. Gheibi,

You have CHOSEN to teach Avesta to our young innocent children and fill their tender minds with Tan-e Passin kind of ideas, so at least you should defend your life style. Are you teaching them Mazda-Yasna or Div-Yasna when you teach children things that are like ideas of believing in Jinns?


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Dear Parviz
No I do not claim to know it. Tan-e pasin is a madayasni's belief in avestA. It is not my claim and I only wrote it from avestA.

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