fredag 7 augusti 2009

Liturgy to the Moon: Zoroastrianism at its poetic best

Dear Clint

I LOVE this text, this is Zoroastrianism at its poetic best. To see Asha in everything that surrounds us and then praise Asha for being a part of this miraculous process. Thank you for sharing this contemplation with us here on Ushta!


2009/8/7 wagnerian1 :

Ushta y'all,

The moon was so lovely last night, that I resolved to read over the "Litany of the Moon" (which is not a litany lol) from the Kordeh Avesta and from the old translation, create a liturgical piece in response. I plan on using it whenever the beauty of the moon inspires me. Keep in mind that this is like a jewel without a setting, for I have no idea what prayers surround and lead up to this and then lead out of it, nor do I yet have any idea what larger liturgical rite this piece could adorn when the situation merits. But nonetheless, here it is:

Praise to Ahura Mazda.
Praise to the Amesha Spentas.
Praise to the Moon, we when look upon her.
Praise to the Moon, when she looks upon us.
For your brightness and glory, O Moon,
I will offer a hymn worthy of being heard.
How do you wax? How do you wane?
For 14 days, you wax, and for 14 days you wane.
It is Asha that moves you through waxing and waning.
Here I behold the moon, here I behold the light of the moon.
The Amesha Spentas sustain the glory of the moon,
they pour it out upon the good Earth which Ahura Mazda has fashioned.
When the moon waxes warmer, the lovely golden-hued plants
grow up from the earth in the Springtime.
Thus I perform a liturgy for the new moon,
I perform one for the full moon.
I sing hymns to all the beautiful phases of the moon,
the holy and master of holiness,
bright and glorious,
mover of the waters,
giver of wisdom,
inspirer of thoughtfulness,

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