måndag 17 augusti 2009

Towers of Silence - and the important principle behind them

2009/8/17 roryyoung15

What is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of the dead? I think towers of silence are a wonderful concept and crazy though it may sound think I miht go ahead and build one even if I do end up being the only person to use it!

Dear Rory
This depends on where in the world you are located. It is not the towers of silence that are sacred to Zoroastrians but the principle of how to dispose of the corpses (recycle them) without filthying the earth, the water or the fire. There are proposals for Zoroastrian coyote farms in North America since there are no vultures there (and hardly any left in India either). Personally I like the idea of disposing of the dead in a limited ground area and then let worms do what vultures do in India. This is actually the practice that is most common in Iran today and I would like to introduce the same practice in Scandinavia since it would work well here (we have neither vultures nor coyotes). But most of all I like the Zoroastrian idea that a corpse is just a corpse and NOT a human being. That is what is so great compared to the Abrahamic faiths and their almost idiotic obsession with corpses. What's the big deal with a corpse? After all, it is dead!!!

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