tisdag 18 augusti 2009

Getting rid of Plato (to think like Zarathushtra) Part 3

"Ethics" is a heavy book but Parviz will be able to handle it. It's an amazing challange.
Parviz is absolutely correct:; It was Gilles Deleuze who pointed out that Spinoza and Nietzsche are brethren (even though Nietzsche who lived in the 19th century also said so about Spinoza who lived in the 17th century) and the most important anti-Platonists. Nietzsche also knew they were both making philosophy in relation to Zarathushtra and Zarathustra's questions (The Gathas arrived in Germany in the 1860s and Nietzsche was a professor of PHILOLOGY originally and not philosophy, so he was a language expert and knew the Avesta well!).
We have just tied this thread together, the Mazdayasna history starts with Zarathushtra and his contemporaries in Central Asia and its "modern western equivalent" takes shape in philosophers such as Spinoza and Nietzsche and their 20th century megaphones Deleuze and Richard Rorty. And we still have "Platonists" with their dualist idea that the ideal world is superior to the physically existing world to fight against. That is what Mazdayasna is all about.

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Spinoza's "Ethics" is absolutely excellent for insomnia. ZZzzzzzz. I am all for letting some else read it then write me a book report. I will not deny that I find Spinoza's teachings to be insightful and all around superb, however.


--- In Ushta@yahoogroups.com, Parviz Varjavand wrote:
> Thank you Alex for your pointers,
> I found Deleuze's book "Spinoza - Practical Philosophy" of great help and it was after that that I realized that both Deleuze and Spinoza are talking about Mazda-Yasna when they talk about Philo-Sophy. Now I may be ready to try reading some Spinoza, I may start with his book Ethics. Do you have any other recommendations?
> Ushta,Parviz

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