måndag 24 augusti 2009

Monism and The Attributes of The World

2009/8/24 Special Kain

> 1. I think Spinoza defined monism for us in a way suitable to Zoroastrianism (he was after all a Zoroastrian thinker) when he said that the world is monist but that monism has an endless number of attributes.

It's not monism, but the world that has an endless number of attributes. After all, both pluralism and monism are metaphysical beliefs, so it's a question of taste.

Excellent, Dino, I stand corrected!
Monism COMES WITH an endless number of attributes, obviously! It is the world which has attributes, not monism.

> The reason why we hold Mazda in sucha high regard, why it is metaphysically significant to us, is because WE are the manifestations of Mazda.

Can't we say that we're manifestations of Ahura and co-manifesting Mazda within Ahura? We're the ones making tools, cars, software programs and pop music.

Sure thing! Or rather: We are MAKING all those things because we have a MIND with which to do so. The mind is the cause and the tools the effects (with language as the bridge in between).


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