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Zoroastrianism in Tajikistan Part 4

Dear Fariborz

This story is amazing and shows what can be done when we work together in an open and tolerant atmosphere!!!
The whole Zoroastrian community is forever grateful towards you and all those Zoroastrians who have gone to Tajikistan to support the local community there to get established. May we all continue to do so as best we can!


2009/12/11 Fariborz Rahnamoon

Ardeshir you have mistaken Dr.Mehr Master Moos with Dr. Farhang Mehr. Mehr Master Moos is a Parsi lady from India.I have know her for more than 30years. I respect her for what she has done in Tajikistan but that has nothing to do with her Ilm Khushnoom philosophy. She has done a lot of good in Tajikistan over the years when all the rest of us have shied away. In 2006 I was with her and the two mobeds who are in the news these day (Madon & Mirza).The two mobeds do not believe in Ilm e Khosnoom. Dr. Mehr master Moos did not lecture about her beliefs to the people who converted The Tajiks had their own ideas about Zoroastrianism like each of us on the Ushta list. She had seven suitcases filled with Sedra Kushti and small Zoroastrian related gifts and over 45 people were converted in that short trip.I was the only person in the group who could speak Persian and so I was the translator.

When I asked one lady who had her Novjote performed, and is a professor in history, the reason for her decision. She said, “My grandfather had a small metal box which was very dear to him and nobody was allowed to touch it, he had some papers in it which he read privately, after he died my father opened the box and found Avesta prayers in it. We realized that my grandfather was a Zarathushti and had kept it private due to unfavorable circumstances. Since then I have always been a Zarathushti at heart and now seeing the opportunity I decided to make it official”.

Another professor of English who had his Novjote done years ago, seeing the presence of two priests in his hometown decides to have the ceremony performed for his whole family including his grand children.

You can read the rest in my report at

My point is we in that group were Zarathusties with different view points but we worked together towards a single goal we did not discuss our differences or argue about it we just satisfied the wish of the Tajiks who wanted to convert based on their own beliefs and wanted a ceremony performed.

Here are some of the pictures

With Regards & Best Wishes
Fariborz Rahnamoon

--- On Thu, 12/10/09, Alexander Bard wrote:

From: Alexander Bard
Subject: [Ushta] Fresh Zoroastrianism in Tajikistan
Date: Thursday, December 10, 2009, 2:54 PM

Dear Friends

I believe Ardeshir has a great point here!!!
When Parviz gets upset about the Gathic direction we are taking it is because the previous translations and readings of The Gathas to the western context (and even to Farsi) have been so sloppy. But now when we have Bahman Varza'a translation to German and soon Fariborz' new translation to English and Ardeshir's great interpretation of The Gathas, we can reconquer The Gathas and together with a fresh look at the world through the eyes of modern science, we can present a stronger case than ever for Mazdayasna, both Gathic and scientific and innovative in a modern way.
Ardeshir adds a very interesting spice to our soup, Parviz! Our case is looking more promising than ever, especially with the youth of Iran out in the streets again this week.
And Tajikistan is right now ripe and open to all forms of Zoroastrianism, especially those that present Zarathushtra as an excellent philosopher and do not ask people to openly convert but rather accepting Iranian philosophy as their guideline (as Rahmon himself has publicly done). What makes you think Illm-i-Khshnoom has taken over Tajikistan when we have people like Kamran and Fariborz who have been there conductiing navjotes already according to our very own Mazdayasna?
In any case, the current situation does serve us rather well. The less we look like a religion and the more we present a philosophical lifestyle, the better off we are and the truer we are to the heart of Mazdayasna.


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