torsdag 10 december 2009

Zoroastrianism and Modern Physics (was: The birth of our universe, the creation of life) Part 2

Tesla was right.
Vacuum is FILLED with energy but since vacuum is the lowest possible state of energy, energy can not be derived from vacuum.
Basically materia is an UNEVEN distribution of vacuum energy, a "loan" from the permenant vacuum state, where the vacuum is the "norm for the universe". What gives mass to materia is what is called The Higgs Field which occured in the early universe as an emergence when The Universe cooled down after The Big Bang.
If the Higgs Boson is found in the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland we will be as sure about this as we are about Newtonian physics for larger scales.
Yes, Tesla was a true genius and way ahead of his time. Like Zarathushtra!

2009/12/9 Tomash

Dear Alexander,

As a big fan of Nikola Tesla (being a countryman from his birthplace) I have also been reading a lot about physics and I was fascinated by it, especially about Tesla's theories for he was not just the single greatest scientist in the world but also a philosopher, and being a genius as he was, he also mastered several ancient languages and read the works of the ancient philosophers in the original form. One of the things that interested me the most about him is the theory that the universe is not empty, I mean the space between celestial objects is not empty but filled with energy that connects the whole universe together. For elaboration on this I recommend this website:
I am not a scientist so I cannot judge about the accuracy of the controversial statements some scientists make, but I nonetheless I find it all very interesting and can only wait, with great excitement, what new discoveries are to be made.


--- In, Alexander Bard wrote:
> Dear Fariborz and Dino
> I agree with you both on this issue!!!
> The Universe is endlessly fascinating. I have just ploughed myself through
> three major works on the new physics (quantum physics, the new vacuum energy
> research including the Higgs field and the Higgs boson, and a book on how
> INDETERMINISTIC and thereby OPEN The Universe fundamentally is).
> I can only say one thing: The absolutely magical place we call The Universe
> leaves me in total awe!!! How can I do anything but worship and celebrate
> this amazing thing???
> I believe this was Zarathushtra's PATHOS too and his sole obsession in life
> was how we could collaborate as human beings to liberate each other and
> bring out the best of creativity out of each other. Indeed, this is good
> thoughts, good words, good deeds, for THEIR OWN SAKE, for our love of
> existence, and in that order too. For us to manifest Ahura Mazda, to give
> BODY to asha!
> Modern physics only makes me a STRONGER and more convinced Zoroastrian!!! I
> certainly don't think followers of other religions feel the same way. We
> really should declare CERN in Switzerland as a Zoroastrian temple,
> Zarathushtra would agree totally!
> Brotherly love
> Alexander

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