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Yazdani and Yazdanism

Yazdanism is the term for all THREE Kurdish religions: Yazidism, Alevism and Yarsan (also known as Ahl-e Haqq).
But Yazdani is both a Kurdish and an Iranian term (Kurdish is an Iranian language) so a person's last name can be Yazdani without that person being Kurdish. Yazdani is after all the same root as Yazda as in Mazdayasna, meaning "celebration" or "that worthy of celebration". That's my ten cents on the issue.

2009/12/5 Justin

Alexander are you saying that if someone's last name is Yazdani then they are probably Kurdish Zoroastrian?
The reason i'm asking, My mother is a Irani Zoroastrian from India and my father is German/Swede from Minnesota. My grandmother once told me that her mother's maiden name was Yazdani.
In fact, that was why my great uncle, Rustomjee Irani, after striking a deal with Ideal Jawa (the Czechoslovakian Motorcycle)to produce a similar bike for India, but with a different name. The name my Great Uncle chose for this new bike would be Yezdi. Maybe some Parsis in this group are familiar with the bike or have owned one in the past?
My grandma says he chose the name Yezdi because our family came to India from Yazd in the late 1800's.

Ushta Te
Justin Haubrich

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