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Ahura Mazda is multitude and not singularity

And not only this. The consequence of Zoroastrian ethics is that we also should identify with our worldview.
Not only should we, each one for oneself, find the truth, we should also identify with the truth that we find.
So the multitude of people and the multitude of ideas is not a problem, as it is in other religions and philosophies, but it is SACRED to Zarathushtra, it is a fundament of his ethics and philosophy. Ahura Mazda is the manifestation of multitude and not of singularity.
And it is THIS which explains why universal human rights were first invented by Zoroastrians.
What Cyrus The Great proclaimed in Babylon was a direct CONSEQUENCE of Zarathushtra's teachings.

2009/12/10 Fariborz Rahnamoon

Dear Friends

The time difference gives me a chance to read what everyone has said and I feel eveyone is on the same page but in varing degrees which is but natural and very Gathic.

Listen with your ears to the best

Consider with open mind

Among the paths before deciding

Person by person for his own self

Before greatness of this message

Is truly spread understand each one

Zarathushtra – Gatha – Yasna 30.2 (FR)

Now if Zarathushtra knew everthing he would have said LISTEN TO ME FOR I HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS TO THE MYSTRIES OF THE WORLD.

Zarathushtra teaches us HOW TO SEE and HOW TO SEE CLEARLY. He wants us to be able to see the TRUTH for ourselves, he does not give us a list of ready-made truth for easy reference.

Zarathushtra shows the WAY he does not dream an answers to mystries he wants us to explore. He explored and established the first Meridian and called it NIM ROUZ (mid day) at 62 degrees longtitude. It is in near Lake Hamoun where according to Avesta he had his planatorium and the Afghans still call the area Nim Ruz provience. You can check it - when the sun is at noon position over the location there is sunshine from Japan to Africa. This is what we can call a scientific Meridian and not Greenwich.

Zoroastrianism may have contributed to the world, the theory of Heaven and Hell and the Creation of the World etc, that scholars claim, but none of these are the contibution of the person of Zarathushtra. For the simple fact that if he had done that the Mobeds would not have commissioned Mobed Arda Viraf to write about heaven and hell but would have reffered to what Zarathsuhtra had said. similarlly when the void was seen the writers of Bundahist wrote about the creation of the earth which like all other creation theories does not agree with what we know in science today. It was the science of the day when it was written.

Similarlly Zarathushtra does not describe God but wants each one of us to perfect ourself in our chosen Path and be able to see God within oneself. So if we want ready made answers to the mystries of the world we will not find it in the Gathas. (May be only in some Translation you will and in the Avesta to an extent).

What I understand about creation (and I may not be right) is that Ahura Mazda created Mazda Ahura in other words The Creator of Wisdom (Ahura Mazda) created The Wisdom in Creation (Mazda Ahura) that wisdom which is everywhere in the universe, on earth we call it Nature, the laws of nature ---=- according to this force stars are born and explode and glaxyies and systems are formed and the wind blows and the rain falls and the grass grows and etc. all the time evolving towards perfection.

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In support of this I quote Gatha 28.9 says

These, you, not Ahura Mazda

Asha also brings fury

Mind also is the best

That which strives' to give good guidance

For you to be worthy

Mighty, satisfied, also worthy of praise

It means if for example there is an earth quake or any other natural disater dont submit and say it is the wish of God. No it is the natural course of Nature. What do you do ? - use your MANA to find a way to live in harmony with nature so that such disaster dont harm you.

Zarathushtra shows the WAY he does not dream an answers to mystries he wants us to explore our way towards perfection.
With Regards & Best Wishes
Fariborz Rahnamoon

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