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A letter by the Persian king Yadzgerd III???

Thanks for the input, Mickey, and you're probably right!
The letter is just too contemporary in tone to be credible. Even if it philosophically and culturally speaking sounds highly relevant. Any idea where this letter originated from?

2009/12/2 mickey patel

A famous Iranian historian has refuted the letter and has provided detailed reasons
I will email the paper if I find it soon.

The translations you see on youtube etc are more relevant from today's Iranian
perspective where the youth tends to see Islam as an Arab imposition and at
times are critical.

I personally dont think Yazdegird would write such a letter as the fact is
Arab conquest of Persia was a surprise - Persians understimated the Arab
army and the fact that Arabs were motivated etc.

Yazdegird had to flee Cteshipon immediately and after 5-6 years was killed.

Also the fact is Arabs had close contact with Persians and Arabs where in Persian
Sassanian army till the end and later diverted to the Arab side.

Khusrow Parviz had committed lot of errors and Persian Sassanian empire
would have collapsed anyway even if the Arabs hadnt invaded it

Also Islam was heavily influenced by Persian converts and they changed the face
of Islam - indicating close Persian-Arabic ties which had been in existance even
before Arab invasion.

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And here is the translation according to Google Translate if you prefer text:

The Islamic expansion was well known even before the Persian Sassanid empire does not stop. In the 30s of the 7th Century building. AD (about 634) which began to attack the Muslims on the Persian Empire. They called ended with the defeat of the Sassanid Persian Empire and was like. The Islamization of the Iranian people or the elimination of Zoroastrianism (the former Persian religion), however, took some Jahrhundete. Even in the 10th Century have witnessed Zoroastrian minorities and even in the 13th Century should have burned in Iran Zoroastrian bonfires.

The following is the contents of a letter, whose original is to be located in the Museum of London is being played. It is supposed to be a letter apparently from Grand King Yazdegerd III., The last Sassanidenherscher to the Caliph Omar Ibn al-Khattab was written. The letter points to the conclusion that Omar has asked the Grand King Persian convert to Islam. It contains the answer to this request.

In the name of Ahura-mazda, the creator of life and wisdom.

From the Shah of Shahs (King of Kings), Shah of Persia and Beyond, Shah of many Kingdoms, Shah of Aryans and non-Aryans, Shah of Persia and many other races as well as the Arabs, Shahanshah (Grand King of the Persian Empire Yazdegerd) III. Sassanid to Omar Ibn al-Khattab. Caliphate of Tazi (Tazi: So called by the Persians, the Arab invaders)

You write in your letter that you us to your God "Allah u Akbar want to convert." And because of your barbarity and ignorance, do you not know who we are and whom we worship. You demand that we follow your God and devotees (followers, admirers) of "Allah u Akbar will be." How strange that it innehabt the headquarters of the Arab caliphate where you're still so ignorant as any stray into the desert Arabs! Your admonished me to monotheistic faith. Ignorant man, for thousands of years we Aryans have been in this land of culture and art even monotheistic, and pray five times a day to the throne of the one God.

While we laid the foundations of charity, honesty and kindness in this world and the values of "good ideas", "good words" and "good deeds" were high, are you and your ancestors were desert wanderers who ate snakes and lizards, and their innocent girls have been buried alive. (Even then, they had the reputation of people who treat their wives badly !!!).

You Arabs have no appreciation for God's creatures! Their decapitated children of God, even prisoners, raped women, bury your women alive, attacks caravans, commits mass murder, abducted the women of other people and robs them of their property! Your hearts are hard as stone (made of stone). We despise all this evil that you do. How can you teach us God's way but when you commit such acts?

You said I will refrain from my fire prayers! We Persians see the Love of the Creator and the power of the inventor of light and sun and heat and fire. Light and warmth of the sun and fire, allowing us to see the light of truth and warmed our hearts to the Creator and our fellow human beings. It helps us to be kind to one another, it enlightens us and makes the flame from Mazda continue to live in our hearts. Our master is Ahuramazda, it is strange that people like you have just discovered him now so well and call him Allah u Akbar!

But we are not like you. We practice in the name of Ahuramazda compassion and love and goodness, righteousness, forgiveness and care for the dispossessed and unfortunate. We distribute the good of the world, we have spread our culture with respect for other cultures throughout the world for thousands of years, but you commit in the name of Allah u Akbar killings, creates misery and makes others suffer! Tell me honestly who is to blame for your misdeeds? Befielt Your God, the genocide, looting and destruction, or you who is doing such things in his name? Or both?

You who have spent your whole life in their brutality and barbarism geleutert now comes from the barren desert to teach. You teach with the sword and conquest, the worship of God, a nation that is civilized for thousands of years and is based on culture and science.

Tell us? With all of your hosts, the barbarity, murder and pillage which you have committed in the name of "Allah u Akbar," which have taught her this army of the Muslims? What knowledge have you taught the Muslims that their out there is to teach non-Muslims? What have you learned from your "Allah u Akbar", now that you want to force others to?

Today, the fate of my people turned. The armies were, Ahuramazada are the Arab armies of "Allah u Akbar" were defeated and forced by the sword a god named "Allah u Akbar 'convert and were forced to pray five times a day to him but now in Arabic because your "Allah u Akbar" only understands Arabic. I advise you to return to your lizard infested deserts. Do not let them go to our cities, the cruel barbarous Arabs who are like rabid animals. Look on the killing of my people, the looting and kidnapping our daughters in the name of your "Allah u Akbar". Look away from this evil crime! We Aryans are a gracious, friendly and well-meaning people. Wherever we go we are planting the seeds of goodness and righteousness and that is the reason why we have the ability to overlook the crimes and misdeeds of you Arabs.

Stay in your desert with your "Allah u Akbar" and not near to our cities disgusting is your faith and your animal's behavior.

Yazdegerd III.Sassanid.

The translation is taken from the following analogy, and I freely translated video clip from Youtube. The contents of this letter, and its existence should not be withheld from the public. It would be desirable if the historians and the media more interested in it and make their comments. Because if this letter really exists (of which I trust), then the public has a right to do more about it!

2009/12/1 Special Kain

OK, here's an English translation as found on YouTube:

http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=daDZyBSlicQ

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Von: Special Kain
Betreff: [Ushta] A letter by the Persian king Yadzgerd III
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Datum: Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009, 12:54

Dear friends,

Has anyone ever read the letter by Yadzgerd III to Omar Ibn al-Chattab in the face of the Islamization of the Persian empire? It is truly inspiring and also revealing about our beautiful religion! I only have a German translation:

http://www.dailytal k.ch/der- brief-des- persischen- grosskonigs- yazdegerds- iii/#more- 3073

Ushta, Dino

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