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Iranian festivities

Excellent, Ardeshir and Bahman!
Many thanks for this valuable information.
Iranian festivities make so much sense. All people should celebrate the origin of the making of fire, because that is where civilization first began. The human taming of the forces of nature for the good of all mankind.

2009/12/2 ardeshir farhmand

Hi Everyone,

As bahman wrote, traditionally "sadeh" or festival of fire has been associated with number 100.

However, in Avestan language "sared" or "cared" means simply "cold," "cold season."
The farsi word "sal," "cal" or "year" comes from the same root, meaning winter.

the assocaition of "year" with "winter" does not end here in avesta. the word "yar" also means "year" or cold.

The fifth Gahmbar, celebrated around january third is called "maid yar-im"
or "the middle of winter or cold season" celebration and festivity, hence making huge bonfires.


On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 7:43 PM, Bahman Noruziaan wrote:

Hello Alexander,

It is the "Sadeh" festival that is celebrated 50 days (or 50 days and 50 nights) before Novruz. "Sad" means (100) in Persian. Moreover, Sadeh is on the 100th day after the beginning of the long winter in "Iranvij", the original home of Iranian Peoples (the Aryans) which according to tradition had 7 months of summer and 5 months of winter.
"Sadeh" is celebrated in memory of the discovery of making fire by man (Hushang the Pishdadian Ruler of the Iranian Peoples).
AzragAn is one of the 12 monthly celebrations in Zoroastrian Tradition when the name of the day (Azar in this case) and name of the month (Azar again in this case) is the same.
Azragan is celebrated in honour of fire.


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Wonderful pictures, thank you!!!
I know Azargan is 100 days prior to Nowruz, but can you tell us more about this holiday?

2009/11/29 Bahman Noruziaan

Zartoshis in Iran celebrated Azar ruz from Azar Mah (Azargan)

Here are a few photo essays from Iran

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