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The Concepts of Asha vs Dao

At the end of the day, Parviz, you need a CONCEPT to unify all other concepts. "Asha" is then a lot better than say "God". Ask any scientist or artist or ethicist you like.
The problem with just criticizing, as you do in this case, is that you end up saying nothing.
And the people who are even more dangerous than those silly religious people you talk about, are those who say absolutely nothing at all.
Of course asha can be wrongly used, anything can, that is merely a truism. But that should not prevent us from using this smart concept wisely.

2009/12/22 Parviz Varjavand

Dear Alex,

Asha (for me) is also the profound stupidity of men who put too many things in one bag and call them all ASHA. All stupid religious person do this. Karma of taking a monumental crap. Thao of falling off the stairs and breaking your neck. etc..etc...


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From: Alexander Bard
Subject: [Ushta] The Concept of Asha/Asha vs Dao
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Date: Monday, December 21, 2009, 8:59 PM

Dear Dino and Ardeshir

Very well written!
To better understand the concept of asha, let's look at how western philosophy has come to see human ideals:

- Science deals with the pursuit of truth
- Art deals with the pursuit of beauty
- Politics deals with the pursuit of the good
- Love deals with the pursuit of passion

Now, asha is all four at the same time. Asha is both truth, beauty, the good and passion and more specifically the pursuit of them all, therefore a term which we should insist on as just asha and not translate too easily to other languages than Avestan.


2009/12/21 Special Kain

Dear Ardeshir

It's so perfectly clear now that Daoist philosophy and Zoroastrian philosophy have so much in common!

http://www.iep. utm.edu/daoism/

It seems that Asha and Wu-Wei are almost the same: the Dao (the process of reality) as expressed through Wu-Wei (effortless action).

Ushta, Dino

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