tisdag 1 december 2009

Splitting time from space: Petr Horava's new quantum gravity theory

Yes, Petr Horava is extremely controversial but he is definitely onto something here, Horava is at Berkley in California, he has been one of the world's leading string theorists for the past 15 years, best friends with Ed Witten!
Horava's theory would actually solve the twin mysteries of dark energy and dark matter in one sweet sweep.
These phenomena would not exist according to his model. It would be his "Horava gravitons" that play tricks with us and make The Universe expand.
Please note that his model kills the notion of "the big bang" also as "the birth of the universe".
Instead the big bang would be a "big bounce". And there would no longer be any need for any creator!
Because according to Horava, just liked Einstein believed, the universe would always have existed!
I guess our dear Mehran would not be a big fan of Petr Horava then. ;-)
Alexander/deeply into quantum physics at the moment, but cosmology is great fun too...

2009/12/1 Special Kain

Dear friends,

Here's an article on Czech string theorist Petr Horava's brilliantly fascinating quantum gravity theory that's splitting time from space and challenging Albert Einstein's now seemingly outdated quantum mechanics.


We're living in a dancing universe, indeed!


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