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Zarathushtra was a mantran - not a prophet! Part 2

Dear Friends

Don't forget how MODERN Zarathushtra is!!!
As modern people, are we not far more impressed with a fellow human being who was smart enough to understand the human condition and open us all to communicate and build civilisation together, already 3,700 years ago, then we could ever be with a fairytale magician of the sort the Avesta and the Abrahamic religions are so desperately trying to create?


2009/1/9 Koollife
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Dear Bahman,

As Zoroastrians, if we want to get to know Zarathushtra, we only have one way, and that way is through the Gathas only. As we all know, Avesta is large body of text that has existed even before Zarathustra's time and has been edited and added up even to this century. its a combination of Aryan traditions, stories and mythologies mostly based on their pagan religions.., and its only relation to Zarathushtra is that it embeds the Gathas in its first chapter.

In Avesta, Zarathushtra is not only introduced as a Prophet but as magician, politician, healer, sorcerer, messiah and so on.., he was fostered by a goat and he possessed lots of miracles.., he left the town to mountain and never came back for 10 years.., there are also commandment, religious instructions, and rituals attached to him..; now if we want to know Zarathushtra through the Avesta we would certainly get to meet a Prophet and definitely not an ordinary Human Being.

Where as in the Gathas we see none of above characters... Zarathushtra, whoever he was.., was smart enough to include his biography in his songs which can only be attributed to a real and normal Human Being... He mentions his name six times in the Gathas (28.9, 33.14, 43.8, 43.16, 50.6, 51.15) with no exception none of these verses introduces Zarathushtra anything other than a Poet, Philosopher or a Teacher who is constantly trying to distribute and share his understanding of the world with other people, and who is in a constant battle with the followers and worshipers of the false gods.., not in plain words but BUT with the language of Poem... This is very important!

And if we look at other religions that are allegedly brought from the skies by a Prophet, we will find all the same attributes that are attached to Zarathushtra in the book of Avesta... So Alexander is somehow right that he refers to the Abrahamic religions.., because their Prophets had extraordinary childhoods, they could receive commandments and prophecies from God, they could neutralize magics, they possessed miracles and all the rest...

Therefore, unlike the followers of the Abrahamic religions that are forbidden to think when they confront the verses of their books.., all we need to do is to pass the words of Zarathushtra through the circuits of our brain and have a critical view about them... As Zarathushtra himself says (30.2):

"Hear with your ears to these best counsels, Reflect upon them with illumined Mind, let each one choose his creed with that freedom of choice each must have at great events."


From: Bahman Noruziaan
To: Ushta Ushta
Sent: Friday, January 9, 2009 11:54:39 AM
Subject: RE: [Ushta] Zarathushtra was a mantran

I only wrote:

""Hello Alexnader

I wonder how you can make such strong inaccuracte claims:
"that historical Zoroastrians did NOT regard Zarathushtra as a prophet or divine messenger"

The Gathas, the Avesta as well as other Zoroastrian literature suggewst otherwise!


Alexander did not respond to my point, except referring to Zarathushtras as being Manthran, and ignoring other references in the Gathas (let alone Avesta) that suggests that Zarathsuhtra had communications with Ahura Mazda!
And the rest....

Now let me add that actually, what Alexander claimed in his posting (as quoted above) is absolutely wrong and misleading to the novice students of Zoroastrianism.

And about fanatism ..... .... well ............ I leave it!


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