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The Ethics of The Gathas

Dear Dina and Dino

I believe that what Dino is referring to is MORALIZING values, of which there are none to be found in The Gathas. The examples of asha and druj that Zarathushtra are referring to are instead ETHICAL values and he warns us to live within druj as we would then become druj. To become asha we should instead live our lives within the realm of asha. And exactly what IS any of these examples is what remains an open question, as always in the world of ethics.


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Dear Dino,

It is true that the Gathas do not define "good" in enumerated fact-specific ways. And it is also true that whether a given thought, word or action, is good depends on how it relates to circumstances. For example, amputating a leg can be good if done to prevent gangrene and thereby save the person's life, or bad if done by a criminal to mutilate his victim.

But I must offer friendly disagreement when you say that the Gathas do not say what is good and what is bad.

Such things as cruelty, fury, murder, deceit, oppression, tyranny, et cetera are condemned in the Gathas as "wrong".

Such things as truth, beneficence, generosity, justice, friendship, solicitude, lovingkindness, compassion, et cetera are identified as good or right in the Gathas.

Of course, what, in a given situation, is just, or generous, or loving, etc. is the open question. That does indeed depend on the circumstances of the situation.

Wishing us the best,

Dina G. McIntyre.

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Dear Helen,

I used to be fascinated with identity issues - especially during my postmodernist days -, but I've come to see identity as a game that's always a bit out of our hands. :-)
The whole problem with righteousness is that we can't look at it as transcendentally given. Zarathushtra never positively or substantially defined what's good and what is bad. There's no list where you can check whether you did something good when doing X. Because thoughts, words and deeds are good in relation to circumstances, to the well-being of your community and your individuality only. There are no absolutes in the way Christians believe in absolutes.


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