söndag 25 januari 2009

A religion of masochism or fascination?

Dear Parviz

Do you have any idea where this desperate religious masochism comes from?
This constant need to find a god who kicks you in the ass and degrades
you and who you still worship and whose boots you still lick. The
question fascinated Friedrich Nietzsche enormously. He couldn't stand
it he find out degarding for humanity itself.
So Nietzsche found a sole character in human history who did NOT
behave like a masochist in his relationship to God. Who did NOT look
for a god whose boots he would lick will being kicked.
This character is Zarathushtra, the character who sees God as a
friend, a partner, a brother or sister, a family member, an entity
with which you have a dialogue based on equality (constantly these
questions addressed to Ahura Mazda), respect and endless fascination.
I call this fascinationist religion rather than masochist religion.
The weird thing is that Nietzsche understood this in Germany in the
1870s. But we still find Zoroastrians in Iran and India who just DON'T
get it and instead look at Islam and Christianity with envy.
This is just the weirdest ting ever. Dinner is served, the Michelin
chefs have prepared the most delicious meal ever. And then the
masochists leave the table and go outside searching for McDonalds.
WHY??? Why can't they accept that they DESERVE better than this nasty
sadist psychopath divinity?


2009/1/25 Parviz Varjavand :
> Dorood Mehran,
> I wish you could understand that what is "correct" for you, is not
> necessarily 'correct" for all mankind. Only a segment of humanity still pays
> respect to the concept of God that you feel you are the spokesperson of the
> Zoroastrian version of. Why should a decent person that gets handed a
> deformed child by your Almighty and All-wise God, look up and say to Him "I
> am sorry". That God that even when He punishes you, you are supposed to
> lick His boots, is not Ahoora Mazda; to me that is. To you, have your Ahoora
> Mazda according to anything that stimulates your mind, but do not try to
> force your concepts on others..
> Ushta te,
> Parviz
> --- On Sun, 1/25/09, MoobedyAr Mehran Gheibi
> wrote:
> From: MoobedyAr Mehran Gheibi
> Subject: Re: [Ushta] Re: Fw: Renovate (Kill) the World!
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> Date: Sunday, January 25, 2009, 12:34 AM
> Dear Parviz
> dorood
> Neither the first one is correct, nor the second one.
> The correct one is: "... O' wise creator, thanks that we can do our best to
> be in accordance with your accurate rule of ashA ...", in first occasion. In
> the second occasion: " O' wise creator, sorry that we could not be in
> accordance with ashA and came to a bad result. We promis to try to do our
> best to know the ashA rule and become newer in accordance with it for a
> better result."
> Nik-o shAd bAshid
> KhodA negahdAr,
> MoobedyAr MehrAn Gheibi.
> Kerman_Iran

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