lördag 31 januari 2009

Haurvatat and nowruz

Dear Zaneta

This is all sounds fine and nice.
But the problem is that the expression "constant state of becoming and flowing" is a complete contradicition. The term "constant state" is the very opposite if "becoming and flowing".
So you seem to have just said something that makes no sense. Even if it sounds poetically beautiful, I must admit.
I prefer to just say that when I die (or rather when I lose consciousness, which I due to for example Alzheimers may do long before my physical body dies), I just return to wherever I came from before I was born and gained this miraculous consciousness. It was all nice while it lasted.
But consciousness itself (the manifesttation of Mazda) lives on and thrives in the lives of new human beings. What thought could possibly be more beautiful than that? Generations come and generations go, isn't that precisely what we celebrate at nowruz every year???


2009/1/31 Zaneta Garratt

Hi Dino,
I know you do not believe in an afterlife, but WHAT YOU WRITE HERE i CAN TIE UP INTO AN AFTERLIFE BELIEF AS a person who has lived a good life, when they die,their consciousness/soul will have "actualized all its virtual potentials and now is in a constant state of becoming and flowing"-progressing still in its new state, at least that is how it speaks to me, Best regards from zaneta

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