torsdag 1 januari 2009

The focus on Zoroastrian ethics - and what asha and druj really is!

Dear Koorosh

Thank you for your very wise words and for restating what the true aim of Zoroastrianism is!!!
Mazdayasna is the celebration of the capacity to think.
Consequently, what is asha is to think good thoughts and to use the mind in the most creative and constructive way possible. This is what Zoroastrian ethics is all about.
And druj is to think bad thoughts and to use the mind in the least creative and most destructive way. This is what Zoroastrian ethics is opposed to.
This is radically different from the moralism of the Abrahamic faiths with their judgmental almighty gods. So the thing we should do is to show a better, more fruitful and more truthful way towards approaching existence. This is the Mazdayasna way.
Envying the Abrahamic faiths for their fancy storytelling is not the thing to do.


2009/1/1 Koollife
- Dölj citerad text -

Dear all,

I have been pursuing the recent discussions about the existence of
God and its components in Zoroastrianism.., I have to admit that it's
a privilege for me to be a member of this group Ushta, because there
is always signs of wisdom in the group when it comes to these sort of
discussions.., it means in Ushta, there is not any blind and
flattering confirmations from so called cool guys, always thumbs up
to each other.., as it's happening in lots of other Z groups.

Discussions, disagreements and criticisms are inevitable products of
our mind and there is no escape from them...if we are dealing with
thoughtful humans. I reckon everybody has the right to express their
ideas and disagree with others, as long as there is no insult or
offence involved. Then it's up to the audiences to decide to whom
they agree with and follow which idea. So we shouldn't be afraid of
heated discussions at all.

I am a Zoroastrian convert and what I have learned from the Gathas is
that "god is the Universe itself and intelligence is its most
adorable part". Therefore there is no other god than the universe as
a whole. If we want to look for other entities as pre-existent,
everlasting god, there will always be this unanswered question
that "Who has created that God?" so it's much more understandable for
now not to look for any other entity unless we have enough amount of
intelligence. We have to prioritise our thoughts after all!

I believe that this Universe itself is complex enough to prevent us
to waste our time and look for a "God"; perhaps if we, humans exist
for 1 billion years and increase our wisdom through evolution we may
not be able to explore all the secrets of the universe.., and if
supposedly we can score to understand everything, we won't be able to
discover the secrets of our brain, as it is the most sophisticated
phenomenon in the known universe, which its evolution is fast soaring
by the time.

So we have to keep the flames burning until we are qualified enough
to find out about a God or whatsoever.., but now all we have to do is
to find a way to cure Aids and cancer, to stop wars and to tackle the
global warming.


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