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Megas Theos/Ahura Mazda

Dear Koorosh

This is precisely why I love Arthur's concept of "Megas Theos" - a divinity too big to even be described, a truly metaphysical divinity. Zarathushtra's concept of Ahura Mazda - the divinity of two aspects (The Universe of Ahura, The Mind of Mazda; th first a feminine term, the second a masculine term, as if to underline the beyond-human aspect of Ahura Mazda as entity) is the perfect comparison. Living in harmong with The Universe, emersed in awe to the enormity of The Universe, and its manifestation as Mazda in our very own minds, what could be a more truthful and beautiful religion than this?


2009/1/12 Koollife

Dear Friends,

The difference between the concept of god in Zoroastrianism and Abrahamic religions is as big as god himself..; Zarathushtra has never brought god (Ahura Mazda) in comparison.., this is too important to ignore...

Two of the holiest chants in Islamic faith are: "La Elah El Allah" which means "There is no God other than Allah", and "Allah-o-Akbar" which means "Allah is greater..." But there is this major inconsistency among many..; If they believe: "there is no other God than Allah", so why do they bring it to comparison by saying that "He is greater..."??? or in other instances in Quran..; He is more merciful... He is more knowing... He is a better judge...

But there is a reason behind those comparisons..; Almost 99% of Muslims don't even know What or Who "Allah" is... Long before the appearance of Islam, there has been a God among other Arabic pagan Gods called "Allah" who was "The Unseen God" from whom they sought help at times of fear.., ...Allah is not Mohammad's invention.., but he used that name to legitimize his ideology, and later brought it to comparison with other Gods such as: Laat, Ozzaa, Hobal,... to brainwash the pagan Arabs...
So if some Zoroastrians want a personified "Ahura Mazda", they will surely lose the battle of "Greatness Comparison" to the Muslims...


From: Arthur Pearlstein
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Sent: Monday, January 12, 2009 12:14:56 PM
Subject: Re: [Ushta] Megatheism

Yes, I agree, an important distinction. Indeed, the Muslims ascribe very specific qualities to the "greatness" of God: Allah is the most merciful, most compassionate, most gracious, etc. The very attempt to ascribe such qualities limits the concept and makes god into something much smaller. Not to mention ironic in the sense that the notion of such qualities "most this, most that" implies that this is a better god which in turn implies that there are other, albeit lesser gods, a very polytheistic idea which is blasphemy to the Muslims.

Of course, the "something rather than nothing" quote has been (illogically) used to justify claims of a designer god, but again, the megatheism concept turns this around and says the notion of god as a designer is an attempt to ascribe a quality which is itself very limiting.


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