torsdag 1 januari 2009

God = The Universe, The Universe = God

If God does not need any creator to exist, THEN THE UNIVERSE DOES NOT NEED ANY CREATOR EITHER.
That is logical!!!
To say anything else is completely illogical, Mehran!
Especially if God and The Universe is one and the same thing.
As apparently the vast majority of modern Zoroastrians happen to believe. Thereby THEY have solved a problem which you have never been able to solve simply because you listen to Muslim propaganda too much.
When will you get the teachings of your local mullahs our of your head? And begin to understand what ZARATHUSHTRA was trying to say 2,300 years before Muhammed lived!
The Universe is its own cause. This is why The Universe is God (Ahura).
Its is your isolated and separated Allah-like fantasy divinity which does not have a cause or any existence for that matter. And no logic whatsoever.
End of discussion, over and out!

2009/1/1 MoobedyAr Mehran Gheibi

In mathematics there is a logical way of solving some problems that is called reductio ad absurdum. Universe can not be self made. Why? Because it needs cause, as I explained in previous letter. There should be another entity to start the chain reactions of existance.
reductio ad absurdum

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liebera sa...

What are scientists Children of the knowledge Primal seed of cosmical machine Schemes and terms from sky laboratories Investigation‘s brought by Creator‘s wit
Physical aspect and lace of metaphysic
Supreme touch urges to create
Science wit knows sense of moving
But Divine can’t be proved by theme

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