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A religion of masochism or fascination? Part 3

Isn't it interesting that Christians always want to put Zoroastrianism in their own boat - preferrably as some kind of more primitive proto-Christianity - when in reality the two religions are fundamentally opposed. We love and cherish life and existence as it is, hold it sacred in its entirity. We enjoy life's pleasures precisely as pleasures and do not let ourselves enjoy life merely as a painful, ascetic and masochistic act of self-victimization. I would even go so far as to say that if we had had a Garden of Eden in our mythology, Ahura Mazda would be on the side of the snake. How could we possibly be more different from the Abrahamics? And no wonder both Jews and Christians hated Baruch Spinoza when he arrived in 17th century Europe as the European Zarathushtra.
The concept of sin is an attractive proposition because it allows people to dwell in masochism. Remove the concept of sin (simply because it is untrue, there is no such thing as sin) and people will be held responsible not for their actions anymore, but precisely for their own happiness, this is what Zoroastrianism is all about.
Good thoughts, good words, good actions, yes! But why? For our very own happiness' sake.

2009/1/26 ztheist
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Ushta Alex

I think you have come up with one of the main reasons for the
sickening obcession with suffering among Abrahamics ( well I do not
knpow about the Jews) I think ascetisn in Xianity while obviously
drawing from other sources , draws on the 'suffering' Chriist
doctrine a lot. I remember reading about First Century converts and
many of these people were slaves and they had an obcession with
suffering and indeed with dying. One particular 'convert' wote that he
became a Xian because they knew how to die.

Ushta te

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