torsdag 8 januari 2009

The fallible human being Zarathushtra

Dear Koorosh

You're very clever and absolutely correct. Or we can turn the issue around:
The FACT that there never has been any heredatory claims of supremacy among Zoroastrians PROVES that historical Zoroastrians did NOT regard Zarathushtra as a prophet or divine messenger but rather as a good and smart teacher and reformer. A fallible human being among fallible human beings. Nothing more, nothing less. So the attempt by some of our contemporaries to turn Zarathushtra into a prophet all of a sudden in the 21st century is historically illegitimate.

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2009/1/7 Koollife

Dear Alex,

In the world of Islam, mostly Shia, there are special kind of people who are allegedly descendants of the Prophet Mohammad called "Sayyed" [Arabic means Master], and the interesting thing about them is that they are different to other people, because they are carrying the divine powers of the Prophet with them, therefore brainwashed people regard them as always pure and clean creatures or request blessing from them by touching them or make shrines for them when they die... these are all proof of the dangers when we make a divine character of a human being and dub prophetic abilities to him.., so that why we insist that there is no prophethood in Zoroastrianism otherwise we may end up meeting Zarathushtra's decedents in the near future.


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