fredag 22 januari 2010

Zoroastrianism vs Platonism

Dear Ardeshir

I agree with you on this issue 100%!!!
Of the Greek philosophers, Heraclitus was "the Persian thinker". Western process philosophy starts with Heraclitus who got his ideas from Iranian philosophy (Mazdayasna in other words).

Brotherly love

2010/1/22 ardeshir farhmand
Dear Alexander,

u wrote: "Forget about Cartesianism and Platonism, think Zarathushtra!
His point is that the human mind/consciousness is a MANIFESTATION of Mazda (St Paul actually stole this concept 100% from the Zoroastrians when he said that The Christian Congregation is the Manifestation of The Holy Spirit; The Holy Spirit is a theft from the concept of Ahura Mazda)." I AGREE about ur assessment on the HOLY SPIRIT. also agree that minoo is the spark of mazda, in fact mazda is minoo par excellence and heraclitus logos would serve as a very good comparative example.

Yet, to be CLEAR ON THE RECORD IM NOT A PLATONIST, neither is MAZDYASNA. the same fundamental differences that exist between manichaeism and zoroastrianism; exist between platonism and zoroastrianism. i was very clear on that issue at all times, so if someone read platonism in my writings it may be that they unconsciously read too much into it and/or mistake the common allegorical symbols of both without paying attention to their fundamental differences.

i simply reaffirm that MAZDYASNA does NOT and has never held the earth to be the center of the universe as the church did. Furthermore, we are NOT human-centric. all the aforementioned discredited ideas belong to the church. when the gathas talk about GAETHA/GEUSH, they talk about life in the entire universe/innumerable worlds and not just earth. also we are concerned about consciousness/mind/intelligence /awareness in us and the entire universe or lack thereof, not about a revolving centric view of humans. we should all be very careful not to import human or earth centric views in our views regardlessif they have a scientific mask or not.

earth and humans are PART of an awesome web of being; and NOT AT THE CENTER OF IT. this said through our awareness/mind/consciousness/MINOO we have a wonderful link to infinity and endless great possibilities.

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