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Zoroastrianism as Ahl-Al-Kitab

Dear Friends

The extremely important point that Bahman is stressing here is that there is an enormous difference, judicially, socially, legally, in Iran and all sharia-abiding nations between being a religion of a "people of the book" (Ahl-Al-Kitab) and being reduced to a religion "without a book". This explains the popularity of attacks against The Gathas and The Avesta. If our books are discredited and eventually removed from legal status, we are open for the most venomous attacks while being defenseless. So these attacks are meant as a direct attack on the social status of Zoroastrians, as to make us more vulnerable and easier to persecute. We therefore have loads of reasons to counterattack such attempts and must do so. It is an issue of fighting for asha against druj if anything.


2010/1/15 Bahman Noruziaan

Hi Dino,

Regarding this point of yours:

"Since you pretend to know the possible repercussions of such claims as Rajabi's, would you please let us know about those possible repercussions, so we can make a well-informed and wise choice?"

I advise you to study the rules of "Sharia" , the Islamic law, about the attitude of Muslims towards non-believers in Islam. You need to study the difference between Ahl-Al-Kitab (people of the book) and other category of non-believers or "Kafirs" (i.e. those who according to Islam are not considered Ahl-Al-Kitab), according to "Sharia".

I also advise you to study and know about the position of "Shia" Islam towards Zoroastrians and the fact that among Muslims, the "Shias" specially and based on the words of their Imams (such as Imam Ali) consider Zoroastrians Ahl-Al-Kitab.

You also should know that a big population of Zoroastrians (relatively speaking) are living in Iran. A good number in Pakistan, Dubai, Kuwait, Imarat and some other Islamic countries.

Go for it, Dino, and search the truth for yourself.

Then you decide what possible repercussions could be if the authenticity of the core of Zoroastrian books, i.e the Gathas (let alone the Avesta); is being questioned?


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Dear Bahman

Since you pretend to know the possible repercussions of such claims as Rajabi's, would you please let us know about those possible repercussions, so we can make a well-informed and wise choice?
Trust me, we only have the best for Mazdayasna philosophy in mind, namely: introducing Iranian philosophy and its rich culture and history to the western world. The western would ought to now that there's more to Iran than Ahmadinejad's personal madness and the opposition's protests.
Please drop a note and let me know if I'm mistaken in believing that The Gathas were at the innermost core of Mazdayasna philosophy. Judging from my studies and conversations with fellow Mazdayasni, our beautiful and encouraging philosophy is all about worshipping and celebrating our capacity to think critically and independently, so we should support science and education. To me that's just as important as studying the old scriptures and sticking closely to Zarathushtra's original messages.


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Hello Alexander,

You say: "Zarathushtra and The Gathas are nowadays loved and read across the world. What is the problem?"

There is no problem with this. There is a lot wrong however, with the trend that I have referred in my original posting below, i.e. AVESTA BASHING, you know!

And you do not seem to have grasped the point of my original posting. I however, am not surprised if neither you nor Dino, nor any new western converts or non-converts did get the point.

I am surprised that those of Zoroastrian descent do not get the possible repercussion of such claims made by Rajabi and his publisher.

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