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Albert Pike on Zoroastrianism in the 19th century

Dear Ardeshir

Albert Pike is evidence that there were a lot of Western Scholars in the 19th century who were not only familiar with Zarathushtra, The Gathas, the Avesta, but who also had studied the texts and the cultures in question in detail and knew what Zarathushtra's message and philosophy was all about.
Please handle these texts with great care, though. While Pike was no racist supremacist, but the typical 19th century jargon about "The Aryan Race" can easily be misunderstood and taken for racist by 21st century readers. Just like Nietzsche's writings are constantly misunderstood.


2010/1/17 ardeshir farhmand

Hi Ushta

"albert pike" was not a per-se "gatha scholar," but a prominent southern confederate general from Arkansas. yet his books on the subject are so OBJECTIVE and have NO hidden agenda to elevate judeo-christian supremacy; an element that is in so many so-caleed scholarly works up to today. PIKE, in fact proclaims that the mazdyasni/zoroastrian wisdom is the TRUE SPIRITUAL WISDOM. interesting/objective books to read. i thought people on our forum might enjoy his objective studies. he is the MAN that to this day the born-again christians in america LOVE TO HATE.
also his alleged association in the formation of KKK has been proven to be bible belt BS.

all these books are entirely accessible. the difference between full view and limited view ids that the former allows u to have a plain text version vs. the latter gives u only an image, and u can not cut and paste it into a plain text.
lectures of the arya///limited view//albert pike----amazingly accurate info


irano-aryan faith and doctrine as contained in zend-avesta///limited view///albert pike


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