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The Denkart and Mazdayasna

Dear Friends

I agree 100% with Parviz and Dino here. Let's not read too much into the Zoroastrian texts, let's follow Zarathushtra's example and use our minds wisely and don't swallow anything we read because we READ it and then interpret it ourselves. That is not mind-worship (Mazdayasna), that is just book-worship and this is not what Zarathushtra would have wanted us to do. It's Abrahamism and not Zoroastrianism.
The Denkart may be a fine text, but it is not The Gathas and it is certainly not a book on science. So just take it easy here, OK?


2010/1/19 Special Kain

Dear Ardeshir

I agree that we shouldn't confuse Zoroastrianism with radical scientism, simply because Zoroastrianism adds wisdom to science, but we're not supposed to believe blindly and swallow whatever is written in allegedly holy scriptures. Frankly, I think that we should dismiss such words as «holy», «sacred» and «spiritual» totally and permanently, because such concepts are much younger than The Gathas and belong to a different place in a different time. There's still a lot de-abrahamitization to be done.
Whether there's The Spiritual (as opposed to The Physical) that is manifesting itself within the natural world as we know it or not is a metaphysical question. And Zarathushtra didn't talk about what he wasn't sure about - that's why he never talked about life after death.


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this passage is from the great DENKART, and u are again touching on a key point here. this passage reaffirms the gathic wisdom; that true "minoo" is an energy/spirit/ consciousness fully capable of realizing and manifesting itself, it is beaming with energy.

"manö/mainyü" is a knowledge/awareness , a spiritual formula capable of coming alive and manifesting itself . it is potent, real, and full of energy. that is when spiritual energy/minoo is pristine, original, vibrant, good and wonderful = vohü

yet, when it becomes afflicted or beaten = akö, it is no longer capable of manifestation. it can no longer CREATE. it can only spoil and corrupt the already manifested.

the above passage refers to spirit/thoughts/ ideas taking physical form and manifesting as the physical universe and knowledge appertaining thereto. i will expand on that in my future article concerning the previously discussed subject.

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