tisdag 19 januari 2010

The Three Names of the Mazdayasni

Dear Bahman

Thank you for pointing this out!
All these three terms are now also widely used among Zoroastrians in Europe and the Americas.
"Mazdayasna/Mazdayasni" is especially popular as it has the same meaning as the Greek "Philosophia/Philosophers" which has a very attractive meaning to Western ears.


2010/1/20 Bahman Noruziaan
For the benefit of the newcomers into Zoroastrian studies or Zoroastrian community:
In our religious classes may years back in Iran, we, the young students were taught that we the Zoroastrians are called:
1-Zartoshtis (Zoroastrian) because we follow the teachings Zarathushtra
2-Behdin, because we follow the Good Religion (Dainya-o Vanghuya-o) , Beh means good in Persian and Din, means religion.
3-Mazdayasni, because we believe and praise the wise one (Mazda).
All these words, for the Zoroastrian community and a Zoroastrian meant and mean the same and are interchangable. They have been used with the same interpretation and meaning for thousands of years.

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